Packman is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of solutions for the sorting and packing of fresh fruit and vegetables. In 2010 Conrad Schreuder, still managingdirector today, had a vision to establish a top quality manufacturing company to address the specific requirements of South African producers.

At the core of his vision was an unwavering commitment to customer service.

Since those humble beginnings, operating from a shed in Ceres, Packman has become the South African market leader for the manufacturing of sorting and packing equipment.

Along the way we have extended our product range and also reached into Malawi and Namibia as a part of our Africa Strategy. 

 Packman established long term partnerships with European developers of technology 

to ensure that we include the latest cutting edge solutions as a part of our entire product offering. 

We use our own, unique designs to ensure effective customised solutions for the challenges that producers face. All products are manufactured in-house, allowing an uncompromising focus on quality, efficiency, on time delivery and after sale service.

Assuming control of the entire supply chain, has allowed the company to provide top quality solutions and highly competitive prices. Despite the evolution from Conrad’s vision in 2010 to being market leader within a decade, customer service remains at the core of Packman’s values.

Understanding the needs of producers, exceeding their expectations and continuous service and support is a part of our company DNA.


Packman specialises in the development and production of machines for the fruit & vegetable sorting and packing industry. Besides stand-alone machines, Packman also supplies complete customised layouts according to the customers’ needs and building dimensions.

Every project includes detailed layouts, technical specifications and a full price quotation. Machines and extra equipment are processed according to our customers’ needs and everything is delivered to the customer ’s facility asper request .

Cup Sizer

Currently more than 30 cup sizers distributed in South Africa, we specialize in anything from 2 to 8 lanes on a single frame.

A maximum speed of 6 cups per second can be done with our newly developed trackless cup system and synchronised server transfer between singulator and cup. In the industry, we have managed to have less than 1% down time per annum on these sizers across different commodities.

Roller Sizer

Our high-speed machines can achieve up to 1-gram accuracy with a speed of 10 cups per second by making use of single point weighing.

These sizers can also be done from 2 to 8 lanes in a single frame.

Berry/Small Fruit Sizer

Elifab has developed a new line of optical sorting machines for blueberries, cherries and cherry tomatoes that incorporate Ellips TrueSort™ Technology.

We are committed to accurate grading and gentle handling of your fruits. Elifab makes sure you can deliver quality product, on time, and at the best price.

Line Management
Software: Appsource

For our check weigher to be integrated with your current traceability software or to run as a standalone scanning solution we have joined forces with Appsource.

This gives us the opportunity to supply a local scanning solution that can be programmed to your needs. By scanning a packer and station ID we print a box end label after the weight has been checked and in the weight range.

By collecting this information, we can give live feedback by making use of displays to show underweight, overweight, invalid pack point, invalid packers and other info needed.

Packaging Tables
& Carton Lines

Packing tables and carton lines are custom built according to client needs and space available.

This includes standard demand feeds, round tables, circulating belts and force tray packing. We focus on the needs of the packer, to optimise ergonomics and productivity.

Retrofit of Existing
Pack Lines

Packman regularly provides retro fit solutions on existing under performing machinery. This can be done in stages, starting from mechanical to electronic rebuilds.

Retrofits can be done in a short time, with most of our components being locally molded, which will suit the client.

Check Weighers

This is an automated in-line box weighing system with a discharge kicker, sending individual carton weights to a centralised computer, to ensure the correct management of weight.

Check weighers helps the line-manager measure if the cartons are packed on optimum weight with live feedback.

In-House Manufacturing

We only buy raw materials and manufacture all our products at our facility in Ceres . This eliminates costly supply chain management activities while ensuring efficiency, flexibility and shorter lead times to manufacture our products .

We have in-house laser cutting, cnc bending, cnc turning, welding, powder coating, electro plating facilities.


In 2018 we joined forces with Burg-machinefabriek from Holland. They have more than 60 years of experience in the industry.

Their focus is robotic bin handling, hydro-filling, flumes, batching and palletisers. This opened the option for Packman to offer pre-sorters locally. Packman is the sole importer of Burg Machinery in South Africa.



· Pre-Sorting Lines for Apples and Pears

· Bin Handling and Tipping Solutions

· Hybrid Packing and Pre-Sorting

· Automated Palletising Systems

· Commit to Pack and Bagging Lines


For weight and optical grading solutions, we partnered with Ellips from Holland. This software is used for Weight, Diameter, Colour and External / Internal Quality sorting.

With 30 engineers and programmers, the software is updated on an on-going basis to create cutting edge solutions for all customer needs.

Diameter / Length

The diameter and length of each product are calculated by using measurements taken from multiple images of the product from different angles.

The centre of gravity of the product and stem are detected by superior image processing software for more accurate diameter measurements. Specially designed software algorithms enable fast and efficient measurement of product diameter, length, curvature and surface area.


The color of the fruit is one of the best indicators of quality condition.

The electronic sorting technology enables the colors on which the fruit will be graded by using live high-resolution cameras.


The unique carrier design and superior software technology enables precise weighing with a precision of approximately 0.5grams.

Deviations in weight due to temperature difference and dust build-up are automatically detected and corrected by the software, and measurements are made at almost zero error weight.

External Quality

For some properties of the fruit, the colour module is not enough.

Shape and context are also important to determine and distinguish specific properties, such as navel, stalk and defects.

Internal Quality

The internal quality of products can be accurately measured by using the full transmittance technology developed by Ellips, which is used by only a few companies worldwide.

Rot, brix, dry matter, acidity and ripeness can be determined accurately.

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